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■How is my family tree preserved permanently?
Family trees were traditionally made on paper, so many were lost through war or fire. Myoji-yurai.net
creates digital family trees for over 7 million users per month, the most in Japan.
These can be accessed through your PC or smartphone – you can view it anytime, anywhere,
and even make changes.The family trees created by Myoji-yurai.net are stored indefinitely, so you can pass them on to your children and grandchildren.
■You appear to have good customer reviews. Why is that?
Myoji-yurai.net is the No. 1 family tree website in Japan, accessed by over 300,000 users per day. Our apps have ranked No.1 on the AppStore in Japan, with over 3 million downloads. Our services have been well received by many customers across Japan.
■What is meant by lineage?
A single lineage is, for example, the paternal line traced through your father and his father (alternatively the maternal line traced through your mother and her mother). Please see the following diagram for details.
 Our listed fees cover the tracing of one lineage only. We are happy to discuss the details on which lineage you are interested in; please contact us for a consultation.
■How long does it take to create a family tree?
Results are typically available from 4 to 6 months. However, this may vary depending on the Plan chosen and the complexity of the family line. We will provide an update on the expected delivery time when known.
■What do I need to make an application?
Applications may be made over the web. We may correspond by email, and once you are comfortable with the Plan you wish to apply for, we will provide further guidance on the next steps.
Additionally, if you are applying to undertake a search on the Family Register, we will need additional paperwork to authorise this request (please have a copy of your photo ID available).
■Can I get a progress update after I have made my application?
We will provide regular progress updates for all our customers. Additionally, if you have any queries or would like to expand the scope, we are happy to discuss.
■I have a question. What should I do?
If you submit your query on our form, we will endeavour to respond within 1 – 3 business days. You can include any comment or query on your submission, so please feel free to let us know.

*Consultations are free, so feel free to contact us at any time.
■Can I change or expand the scope of the Plan at a later date?
Yes, this is possible, but may depend on what you wish to have included. Please let us know as soon as possible.
■When should I pay the fees?
Once your application for a Plan is finalised, we will advise you on your payment details.We accept credit card payments only.
■What payment methods do you accept?
We accept credit card payments, either lump sum or 2 part instalments. We will advise you on the details once your plan has been finalised.
How many people have used Myoji-yurai.net to create their own family tree?
Myoji-yurai.net has tens of millions of annual users, of which over 100,000 have created their own family trees. This figure grows daily by tens to hundreds of users per day.
■What is a Samurai?
The Samurai were an elite warrior class of feudal Japan, similar in status to the medieval European knights. The Samurai class were ranked above that of farmers, craftsmen, and merchants, and were involved in the governing of Japan for over 600 years.
What were the Heimin class?
The Heimin class refers to the common people, those who are members of neither royalty, nor nobility, nor Samurai.
What were the Kuge?
The Kuge class refers to the nobility, who served the Emperor. Unlike the Samurai who served through their military might, the nobility were court officials who were involved in activities such as ceremonies.
Who is the Tenno?
The Tenno is the title for the head of state of Japan. The title has continued from the 7th century to this day. It is equivalent to the title of Emperor or King.
What is a family tree scroll?
A family tree, in a scroll form, is an ancient method of transcribing the family line. These scrolls are made using traditional techniques, and is a highly recommended method of recording your family tree. The hanging scroll is where the scroll is oriented vertically and allows it to be hung on a wall, although it may also be rolled up and stored.
If you have your family tree framed, this may also be hung on a wall. However, if your family tree lists a lot of individuals, the scroll format may be preferable.
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