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Japanese surnames are said to number more than 300,000 according to surname researcher Motoji Niwa.
Surnames have various ways of counting; same kanji with difference pronunciation are counted separately; same pronunciation with different kanji are also counted separately. has over 99.54% of the 300,000 Japanese surnames, and is the greatest resource when it comes to data on surnames.
*The statistics are derived from census data, and analysed internally. is a search engine that quickly and easily allows you to find information about your surname, including etymology, pronunciation, and ranking. aims to publish details on the 300,000 Japanese surnames that are said to exist, and we are updating our data every day.

Surname trivia

According to surname researcher Motoji Niwa, many Japanese surnames are difficult to read. This is often due to the pronunciation changing with the times, whilst the characters are retained.
In some cases, a surname has taken the pronunciation of a craft – most likely originating with a particular craftsman.